Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 5, 2007

For Real

Okay, I promise that if you go to Jennifer’s blog you will indeed find photos of the final Knit 1, Tea 2 swap box. Poor girl has had such a busy week she just got to posting it tonight. I had a blast with this swap, and send out a big Thank You to all the hostesses for the great job they did setting this swap up. Chan, Mary, and Devon were awesome. I’d swap with y’all again anytime. (Anytime after January 1, that is. I’m gonna take a break and concentrate on my holiday knitting for now) If you couldn’t tell, the “color” of my swap packages was red, which is Jennifer’s color of choice. Except for the tea….I’m sure I mentioned that already…..didn’t I?

Anyway, I have been busy knitting this week and so I finished the second Fluted Banister mitten already. Using sport weight yarn and size 2 needles sure sped up the process! Each of those fingerless mittens was cast-on and bound-off in a 24 hour period, which may not seem so quick to some of you speed knitters out there, but it’s fast for me. Oh, and I successfully completed the right and left mittens without any errors…..if you can believe that! I’m beginning to think none of you gals and guys make mistakes as the only comment I got was from a knitter who couldn’t remember her mistakes…..but at least was kind enough to admit that that was probably due to denial.

Tonight, since my men-folk went off to Mt. Hope Madness for the weekend, I started a new pair of mittens. It’ll be a bit slower progress again as these are once again fingering weight yarn on size 1’s. The new pair are Baltic Sea colorway from, you guessed it, Lorna’s Laces. So far they have about 2 1/4 inches of K3, P3 ribbing for cuffs, and my plan is to knit the hands with stockinette stitch palms and a slipped rib upper hand. I got to use my new Postal scale to split the one skein of yarn into two somewhat equal center-pull balls of yarn. It was only my second try at this, and I think I’ve got it figured out now. Duh, first weigh the entire skein, then you’ll know how much half of it is!! It seems that the two different skeins of “50 grams” each yarn I purchased were actually more like 54 grams and 60 grams each. I’m not complaining, as obviously I got more than advertised, it just helps to know in advance of winding how much half would be. Pictures tomorrow, probably.

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