Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 29, 2007


As of this afternoon my Knit1, Tea 2 swap is complete, which is to say the final package has been mailed. I’ve had a lot of fun with this swap, but I think I will take a break from swaps until after the new year. When my pal gets her package I’ll finally be able to share the links and photos here, which I couldn’t do before in order to reamin annonymous.

I grabbed my friend Bonnie and headed back to Knitter’s Playground today, having decided I had not really done my share to help Becka empty the shop of merchandise before they have to close up. It was crazy busy  the whole time we were there. Besides my own purchases, I also was commissioned to buy for Amy as well, so we were there quite a while. It should be no surprise that I got a bit more Lorna’s Laces, both Shepherd Sock and Swirl Sport, and several skeins of Panda Cotton, as well as one more skein of the Premiere cotton/tencel that I love. I was looking for a book to buy and had finally settled on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop, when someone snatched it right out of my hands and bought it! Normally I would consider that quite rude, however, I’ll make an exception as this time it was Bonnie who stole my book so that she could give it to me as a belated birthday gift. Thanks Bonnie! I’m sure I’ll find it quite useful. Bonnie doesn’t even knit but she was able to find several spools of fancy ribbon and skein or two of yarn which will do quite well for the lovely crafts she creates.

Once the orgy of buying purchases were rung up we headed out for a very nice lunch at the Mongolian B-B-Q near the BelAir. I hadn’t been there before, but will certainly return with my son in tow as soon as he can possibley arrange it. Delivering Amy’s purchases to her gave me the perfect excuse to stay and knit for a while, so progress is being made on the second fingerless mitten, which was cast on last night. I’m using fingering weight yarn and size 1 needles so it’s not as quick of a job for me as it would be if was using the worsted weight the pattern calls for. We also watched Shakespeare Retold. The first disc had “Much Ado About Nothing” and “MacBeth” which were very well done. All in all a very good day.



  1. OOoh Can’t wait to see photos from the K1T2!! I’m so excited for my pal to receive her package. I sent it about a week ago… it should get there very soon. I’m with you about the new year for swaps though – Winter holiday knitting is starting to get hectic.

  2. Thank youi so much for a wonderful swap!!. I received the last package today and couldn’t stop sniffing. The rose soap smells wonderful and the cloth and bag are almost to beautiful to use, but I’m still sniffing. The tea and biscotti came to work with me, the lipsalve and journal into my knitting bag and that cutie ball of yarn and needles went into my shadow box for safe keeping and viewing. Pics will be posted onto my website tonight. Thank you so much again, you have been the greatest upstreamer ever!!

    Jen C

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