Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 25, 2007


I got the worst news in the email today: My LYS, Knitter’s Playground, is closing. Becka and Maria have done so much to make it a great place to go for yarn, for classes, and for information and companionship, that I really hate to see it go.

 Amy and I were already planning a trip to the store this week, even before the bad news and sale information arrived. As luck would have it, my son’s piano lesson was cancelled for this afternoon so we were able to go today. I enhanced my already more than sufficient stash with 3 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock, two in Charcoal and 1 inBaltic Sea, a skein of Regia Silk in off-white, Cascade’s Pima Tencel in Wine, and a skein of the super-yummy Classic Elite Premiere in Pastoral Peri. Because of the big sale (sell-off) my total was under $30!! That is almost like getting one LL, and the two cotton/tencel skeins free. Wow. I will go back again….I know I will. Besides, I’m waiting to see if Becka can find the other skein of Baltic Sea….we looked and looked, but I remain hopeful.

In other local news, while I was away an ad. ran in the local paper touting the coming opening of……a yarn store. We had heard nothing about it prior to the newspaper ads, so everybody was asking everybody else if they knew anything. Nope and nope. Until today, when we asked Maria over at Knitter’s Playground if she knew anything about it. Surprise. She did. Seems the gal who is opening the shop had come in and mentioned it. She said she was going to stock Red Heart and Lyon Brand yarn, because no one else had a good enough color selection  and the “older” knitters and crocheters wanted it. Ugh! Walmart and JoAnns stock plenty of cheap yarn right here in town. If they didn’t like the color selection they could always ask the stores to carry more…..Sigh, with our favorite local store closing I had hoped the new store would be an adequate alternative. Becka and Maria, we will sooooo miss you!

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