Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 22, 2007

Playing Catch-up

Yeah! I got my computer back from the shop this afternoon with it’s new internal internet card and antennae all nicely installed. It is sooo good to know the right computer guy, and the fact that he is our friend makes it all even better. We knew Brad n Bonnie since our kids were toddlers, way before Techknuckle was even dreamed of.
So, I have WIP pictures. Because of the Workshop this morning, I didn’t get to work on the socks at all yet, so I still only have 75% of sock #1.
3×3 cable socks

I did take the Red Scarf with me, so it has grown a fair amount. It’s not like I got to knit the entire time I was there. Note-taking kept my hands busy part of the time too.
red rib scarf

And lastly, a little bit of gloating. Be warned, if you don’t want to see someone gloat over a good thing, time to go away.
On the way home from the East Coast on Monday I had a two hour layover in Las Vegas. What’s a gal to do for 2 hours in an airport filled with slot machines? Gamble? Not likely. Buy chocolate and coffee? OK. Yes, I did that, but it didn’t use up very much time. Then I found the jewelry counter with all the pretty, shiny, gold and platinum rings, bracelets, and earrings. OOO, now I can use up some serious time. Mind you, I rarely buy or receive jewelry, but I enjoy the looking as much as anyone. I am a big girl, so necklaces are usually not long enough for me, making it easy to avoid purchases. Bracelets are ok, but I need more room here than many have as well. Rings aren’t often big enough to try on, so I just drool look. Ha ha, not this time! The folks at this shop had all the rings for trying on in a size 10, bigger than even I need. Needless to say, I tried on dozens one or two. And….I bought one! Unbelieveable. I still had money left from my vacation, so why the heck not, eh? I love it because it looks sort of antique styled to me. The pictures don’t do it justice, but I tried, really I did.
new ring



  1. Oooh! Love it! I always have a similar situation finding rings in the right size, so I know exactly how fun it is to find something you like that also fits. 🙂

  2. I looooveee that ring, nice souvenir!

  3. It’s looks even prettier in person! I thought you were knitting some fingerless gloves too? Am I mistaken?? Wouldn’t be surprised…but I really thought you were! Hmmmm

  4. Oh that’s a gorgeous ring! Great find! You deserve it.

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