Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 18, 2007

I’m Home

Ahhhh….home. I know I shouldn’t complain about how long it took to get home yesterday considering it could have taken a week to drive it or months by covered wagon, but it did seem like the longest day. I only had a minor hang-up in security whereas Char got the full treatment. Slap me for laughing, but I can’t help it. After all, she did make her flight and was probably already back in Nashville before my plane ever left the ground. She had the two-ish hour direct flight, I had the 5 1/2 hour, followed by the two hour layover, followed by the late, 1 1/2 hour deal. Waking up at 7 am Eastern time and falling into bed at 11 pm Pacific time makes for a long day indeed.

In no particular order the Top Ten reasons I’m glad I’m home:

1. My dogs went crazy telling me how happy they are that I’m back.

2. Sleeping in my own bed.

3. This mornings tea was brewed from loose leaves in a proper teapot, not bags in a saucepan!

4. Driving my own car, on roads I know.

5. Knit Night tonight.

6. I won’t miss my brother’s visit later this week.

7. Knowing what time it really is, no adding or subtracting needed.

8. Not having to figure out “what to do today”.

9. Lots of people to share “all about my vacation” with.

10. My husband and son seem sorta glad to see me. (nothing like the dog’s enthusiasm)

I’ve got a student coming at 9:00 and two more at 10:00, so I’ll write more and post some photos later. It could be much later, as I might have students this afternoon too, just gotta get on the phone to confirm that! Oy, I’m home for sure.



  1. Welcome back home! Nothing like a doggie welcome home is Can’t wait to see the pic’s but your sunset pics below are fantastic!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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