Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 10, 2007

We Made It

It was a long and somewhat stressful drive, but we finally made it to our final location at about six last evening. It’s gorgeous. Lovely little house with two bedrooms upstairs, a screen porch on the back, and an awesome view of the Bay. After we unpacked, we set off for the only food within easy reach and had a pleasant meal at Cook’s, the local seafood restaurant. Yummy lobster casserole, blueberry pie, and tea for me. After dinner I completed the super soft face cloth I started on the plane. Knit from a Pima/Tencel blend in soft green, on the bamboo circs in size 7. I will post pics next time we hit the bookstore/coffee shop/internet cafe. If they only sold yarn this would be my home away from vacation home! (They do sell tea, by the pot no less) This morning while waiting for Char to return from her so-called walk, an hour and a half or more, I cast on for what will hopefully become some fingerless mittens. I’m having fun, hope you all are too.



  1. Hi! That little house overlooking the bay sounds beautiful! Are you going to be showing us any pics?
    Thinking of you, and hoping you’re both having a wonderful time,


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