Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 8, 2007

Rhode Island, I Think

Yawn. How can I be so tired when by CA time it’s only 8 pm? I got up, showered as a way of getting my eyes to stay open, grabbed my bags and headed to the airport. How can they call it morning when the even the sun isn’t up yet?! Well, I had barely cleared Security when the strap on the backpack snapped. Great. Do you think a single shop at the airport had backpacks for sale? That would be a “no Bob”. Ack, I can’t carry a heavy backpack without a strap! I had to settle for buying a small duffle bag. I barely had time to move my stuff from one bag to the other before I ran for the plane. I was the last person in line. They had already boarded the first two sets of passengers. We’re talking Southwest here, no reserved seats…..Needless to say I wound up way in the tail of the fully packed plane. Miserable, uncomfortable seats. Thank goodness the flight was somewhere around an hour to an hour and a half. The first leg of the journey got me to Las Vegas where I had just enough time to stand in line for a yogurt. Remember I’m flying Southwest. No meals served no matter how long the flight is. Ah. Much nicer seats in this plane. Bigger and more cushiony. After take-off I got my bag out to get my knitting. Time for a heart attack. No needles! I was in a state of panic. It wouldn’t be bad enough to have no knitting to keep me busy, but I had packed a bunch of my best needles for this trip. I couldn’t imagine having to replace all those Addis’ and Knit Picks circs. At once. So I dug and dug, and finally found a 16″ bamboo circ in my goodie bag. (where I keep all my knitting accessories) I resigned myself to only having a dishcloth to work on, and made the best of it. I was terribly afraid I had accidentally thrown all my circs out with the dead backpack. Several hours of flying later, I finally had the “aha” moment. Last night when I was doing my last minute packing, at 11 pm, I had moved the needles into the computer case! Wahoo….I didn’t throw them away! Ok, so I only worked half a facecloth all day today, but I know that tomorrow should be better.

Charliene, Night one
Char, night 1

Me, First Night
me, night 1

Aren’t we a pair? Dead tired, but sitting here with our cell phones and computers, blogging and talking to the folks we left home.



  1. Bummer about the backpack…I think I would have muddled through to secure a good seat…but I’m like that! I bet you find a great replacement out there!
    SOOOOO glad you found your needles – talk about stress!! I guess God was NOT listening to my prayers for your day to be uneventful – I’ll double up on your return trip! 😉

  2. What a dedicated blogger you are…you’re like the Yarn Harlot on tour. 🙂 Have a great vacation!

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