Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 7, 2007

I’m Off

At an hour earlier than I prefer to see, I’ll be up, grabbing my suitcases, and heading off to the airport. After a long day in airports I’ll be meeting up with a friend who moved five years ago and whom I haven’t seen since. We are renting a house on the Atlantic coast for a week, just the two of us. No husbands, no children, no pets. Guess which one we’ll miss the most? He he, the pets, of course! Both of our hubbies and children (teenagers) are very capable of taking care of themselves, the critters are another story. I think one of the things we’re both really looking forward to is the cooler weather. It’s been just plain hot here lately, and where she lives it’s been hot and humid. Ugh.

I am packing my Travel Scrabble, Cribbage, a Tea Shop mystery, some Yarn Harlot, and some knitting. Sigh, still not fully decided on which knitting. Time is running out! I am bringing my computer, so with luck, I’ll be able to keep in touch. I don’t want to miss anything, you know?



  1. By now you are in the skies and I’m praying for a uneventful travel day! It sounds like you found your book – and sadly, I don’t see the new button on your blog – but we’ll fix that when you get home. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  2. Have a great time. You can’t take too much knitting, only not enough.

    Of course, that leaves you with the excuse to go yarn cruising. But most of us don’t need any more stash.


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