Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 4, 2007

Knit Night, at Last!

Yeah, I finally got to go to Knit Night tonight. Sigh, it’s been a long time. Because I teach Childbirth Ed. classes on Tuesdays I can only go hang out with the knit gals once or twice every couple of months. The last time I was there was early in July and I was tired of missing all the fun. It was really good to see everyone’s projects and catch up on all the news. Many of the gals are doing a KAL of Boxer shorts, so I got to see how a couple of those were coming along, as well as a variety of socks, scarves, hats, and fingerless mittens. I took along the Stars and Hearts blankie and finished off the fourth pattern repeat, and took along a skein of my new Elann Adara in the Lagoon colorway and knit up a swatch for the scarf I want to make with it. Now I understand scarves don’t normally require swatches, however, this one is not for gage purposes. Rather, I’m not sure if the yarn is going to be soft and drapey enough for a scarf, so the plan is to wash it and see how I like then. It is a beautiful color and I truly hope it will work. I want to knit the Diagonal Lace Scarf with it. Amy made one and I really like the way hers turned out.

I am leaving on Saturday for a 10 day vacation with a friend who is currently living in the South. We’ve rented a house somewhere on the East coast for a week of girl time. I need to get my projects together, ’cause a week with no knitting is no real vacation! I asked last week for some travel projects ideas from you all, and exactly zero helpful knitters gave me exactly zero helpful suggestions. Now I’m begging…besides socks, what would be good vacation knitting? I already have to figure out which socks, don’t make me do all the thinking!



  1. Definitely some socks – they’re easy to carry around, fun, and don’t take up much space. I’m really enjoying the Monkeys – I laminated the chart so I just need to take that out of my bag each time (and keep a post it on it to mark where I’m at with it).

    I started on a baby blanket too on my holiday – it was fairly relaxing knitting – it’s pretty simple, but I did find myself wishing I’d brought smaller, easier to finish things – waiting in the wings is a hat, and some more fetchings, and there’s always room for more dishcloths, and I think I’d have been better bringing stuff like that.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Hi There, Thanks for visiting :). If there is a particular yarn that has caught your eye, let me know and I can figure out the mailing cost for you, I think everything has been priced, I can then send a paypal invoice to you and have mail it out in a day or two.
    Take care, Karin

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