Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 2, 2007

Weekend Knitting (and contest)

This week has been so full and eventful that I was really hoping for some knitting time with a friend on the weekend. Well, it’s fun to make plans, but it stinks to have  them fall through. Instead of some nice social knitting, I knuckled under and finished off the scarf for charity that has been mostly sitting in time-out since the end of my Monday evening class. It’s a simple Mistake Rib pattern knit from two skeins of good old Wool-Ease, in # 234 “pines”. I like to use Wool-Ease for this type of project because it’s totally wash and wear and can take the kind of abuse the folks who end up at the local mission would likely dish out. They don’t exactly have good options for laundering things, you know? As there was plenty of yarn left after 48″ of scarf, I also made a rolled brim hat to match. You might have guessed from the short scarf that this set is intended for a child, and so it is. Unfortunately too many families end up passing through the mission these days.
Pines scarf set

I also whipped out a dishcloth today. Not just any dishcloth, but the proper one for the contest over at Anne’s blog. I knit it on size 6 straights, English style, out of the new Sugar’n Cream Twists cotton. Color might be Country Twists, or it might just be some stupid number. I hate it when they only give the colorway a number! Anyway, it was a fun knit and I really like the cloth. Now I’ve got to get on over to The Bag Lady and The Pro with my suggestion for naming this pattern. If you want to know what I think it should be called, you’ll have to follow me over and check the comments!

contest cloth re-do



  1. […] off – the dishcloth contest! Look at the cloths folks have made already!  Chan and Amanda and Ruth all finished theirs off already!  And had some great suggestions for names! (that’s true […]

  2. Much better picture! Hopefully we can do some knitting tomorrow!!

  3. […] Scrabble Queen also knit one up in a very pretty light variegated blue – I love that […]

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