Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 31, 2007

Over The Top

My Spoiler for the Knit 1, Tea 2, swap is totally over the top. We just got our matches about a week ago. The rule was to contact our person to spoil by the 25th, boxes out by October 1. Well, yesterday after returning home at 8 pm  from a long busy day out, I was informed two packages had arrived for me. Oh goodie, think I, my Elann order and the Anatomy books  are here. Wrong! Or at best, half right. Yes, the Elann order arrived, but, much better than Anatomy books (especially in my 16 yr olds view) was my box from my Spoiler. She deserves the captial “S”, trust me on this.

scrabble label
Roni was completely over the top with her spoiling of me. I kept reaching in the box over and over again, pulling out the cutest, coolest, and best stuff. It was like my own personal Christmas. (more gifts in that box than last Christmas I am sure) I’ll try to do justice to this incredible booty with my pictures. Wish me luck! Thanks sooooo much Roni. I love it all, it’s totally unbelieveable. You so win the Over The Top Award for Best Swap Pal.

The hand made and fiber items from The Box
fiber items

The just plain spoiling me items
spoiling items

Tea pot/cup, ornament, teabag holder, and strainer!
tea service

And tea… tea 2

And more tea! And goodies too!
gift tea 1

Oh, and click on any picture to get a full-sized version. Some look cut-off on this page.


  1. What an awesome package – I especially love the Scrabble lettering for your name. Hope this swap was fun for you and it was for my mom!!

  2. I looove the goodies and the package, you’re so lucky!

  3. Hope you got the Yorkshire Tea/Bronte connection! I visited the Bronte sisters’ home in Haworth, Yorkshire and I couldn’t give you the tea w/o the book or vice versa. Enjoy!

  4. Looks great….but Wuthering Heights?…sigh…the quality of that book is the source of my and Joel’s longest lasting disagreement!

  5. What a wonderful package!

    And Wuthering Heights is one of the best books EVER. 😉

  6. What a wonderful package you got! 🙂

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