Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 24, 2007

Ready for Durango

This past Monday I got a special request…sort of. My friend, who will be riding off to Durango on Thursday, was mentioning that her hubby needed a soft, non-itchy, properly fitting knitted hat for wear with or without his helmet on the ride. It should be black, although it could have some yellow stripes to match their Club colors, and…. Well, I got the hint. So on Tuesday evening I cast on, having gotten all the necessary information on head size. I’d like to say it all went smoothly from there, but, well, I’d hate to lie. Three tries later I finally had a good hat going. The yarn suggests a gauge of about 4 stitches/inch on size 10 needles. Ugh. It was huge, and loose, and frogged after an inch of ribbing. This was already the second go, as the first cast on found me with a nasty knot in the yarn at just about stitch 80, of a planned 88. Grrr….Why did they do that? I hate it when I find the skein knotted together, but after only a couple of feet?!!!
Ok. After I calmed down, I cast on again. Third times the charm, eh? I finally got a nice gauge and fabric on size 7’s. Sheesh. In spite of that, the hat still came out a little bigger than I think will be best, so last night I cast on a second hat. Either Ted can wear the bigger one and Pam the smaller, or Ted can wear the smaller one and some lucky person down at the local mission can wear the big one this winter. Whatever. Good thing it’s gonna be his birthday next week, so I can call this his present.
Biker Hats

Oh, and I finally took pictures of Emma’s socks, which I finally grafted today. Whew. Another birthday present done by the deadline!
Emma’s Socks


  1. I really HATE the knots in the yarn too.

    Cute hats and socks!

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