Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 19, 2007

I Found It!

You all must think that either

 A). I’m a total ditz  or

B). My house is a total mess. 

It has taken me an entire month to locate my wedding photo album. But really, there is a third choice. I just hadn’t looked at it for a long time. I’ll remind you that my entire household is made up of males. They don’t enjoy wedding pictures, not even their own! It seems that I did a very good job of putting the album somewhere where it would be safe. I found it buried in a box from the Precious Moments Club under a pile of kid memorabilia. This, I had seen in my closet all along, I just didn’t think I would have put the pictures in there. I mean, why would I do that? Anyway, without further ado, and not that you care anyway…..The 1983 Wedding Pictures. And remember, I can hear you laughing, so knock it off!

wedding walk

Aren’t we cute?

wedding cake
Jim’s Aunt made the lovely cake.

chevy drive off
And we drove off to our happily ever after….in our 55 Chevy Belair…classy, eh?


  1. Very cute!!

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