Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 14, 2007

Los Calcetines Sockapalooza esta aqui!

They came, they came! My awesome sock pal Fed-exed my socks to me. How incredible is that? I love that the package says, “extremely urgent”.
fed ex

Of course it is, I’ve been waiting with my breath held for a week. Whew, now I can breathe. My pal, Navi, lives in Mexico and she sent the cute flower card, hand made stitch markers, some local favorite candy, and my gorgeous socks in an equally awesome little handmade pink zipper bag, which will soon house my WIP socks.
sockapalooza haul

The socks are Roza’s Socks, knit in Socks That Rock medium weight, in Tanzanite. They are lovely, warm, a wonderful color for me, and…….they fit! I knew that some poor soul somewhere was looking at my foot measurements and saying, (with wagging head) why me? And in fact, it took almost all of her skein of yarn to finish these big girl socks. Thanks soooo much Navi. I love them, I love it all. Muchas, muchas gracias!
sock pals Roza’s flat Roza’s I included that flat photo because it shows the color more accuratley.


  1. Those are sooo pretty! Can’t wait to see them IRL!

    Off to visit your new friend…

  2. PS you need to fix the link to her blog 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m so glad you liked them!! I was really nervous. Glad you liked the goodies too and again Im really sorry for the delay.

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