Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 11, 2007

Happiness is….

Happiness is…finsihing the Lilac socks in the Burgundy Knit Picks gloss and getting word that my Sockapalooza Pal received her package and liked her socks! I stressed for two months (at least) over what pattern to use, which yarn, were they too holey, was my knittin up to snuff, etc. Silly me. I must have thought she was scary or something. That is far from the truth. Dorothee is very sweet and said she liked my socks and stuff very much. Because of life, she has been on a blog break for a while, so I had to stop spying on her back in June. Maybe that is when I began to let go, and just knit! Happy thoughts now…I enjoyed the Sockaplooza swap and will play again in the future.

The Lilac socks were knit half in July and half in August, so I guess they count for my August SAM 4 socks. I also completed the one tiny sock I started and cast on the second one. I still have to cast on another little pair of socks for Emma, who is too big for the tiny socks. I had better get knitting, as school starts in just one week! Aghhhhh……

August SAM 4 socks

Oh! Did you notice my new blockers? Cool, huh?


  1. Good news! Wish I could be that happy!! I’m stuck on J3’s socks…but might have found a way around it. If I could just get time to work on them!!

  2. Hi! sorry for the delay I just got back from vacation but I send your socks by fedex and should be there tuesday.

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