Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 9, 2007

Dog Days or Dog Daze?

Since there are no exciting knitting related events to cover, I thought I’d get in a little fun similar to the gals at “The dog Days of Summer” swap. I have two little friends who keep me company and add some spice to my life. Misty is my 15 pound “Chippooa Terrier”. Her mother was my favorite dog, Bonnie, a Westie/Yorkie mix. We call her a Chippooa Terrier because her dad was supposed to be a Chihuahua/poodle mix. Frankly, he looked like a little black terrier, very much the same as she looks, only a bit smaller and with a longer, poodlier snout. Sasha is my little 10 pound ball of fun and fire. She is my “grand dog”, as she is the pup of one of Misty’s litter mates. I love that she has more of the Yorkie look of her grandma. Today was grooming day. I sent two stinky little dogs away, and got two lovely, sweet smelling dogs in return. Misty also went from a total mop to a nice clipped mutt. Only one shot of Sasha, an action shot of course, but I have something close to before and after shots of Misty. Maybe there will be knitting news tomorrow…maybe my Sockapalooza package will arrive…or maybe my pal will let me know she got hers…it has been a week since I sent it.

ten pounds of fun
Sasha, 10 pounds of fun

Dirty Misty dog Misty, Before…..and After clean misty


  1. Hey there! The packet arrived safe and sound, I emailed you to your son’s email address yesterday.

    Have a nice weekend!

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