Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 6, 2007

Ruth Likes to….

I found this on Penny’s blog. It looked like fun so I did it. You should try it, too.

Go to Google, type in “Ruth likes to” (but use your own name and include the quotation marks) and post 10 things that show up. I found that….

1. Ruth likes to collect.

2. Ruth likes to allow her plants to get bushy.

3. Ruth likes to remind audiences of her Jewish heritage.

4. Ruth likes to say “we started a conversation and until we finish with it, it would be impolite to leave.”

5. Ruth likes to organise things, and everyone thinks that she is bossy.

6. Ruth likes to hang out with the foreign girls (that would be Sanne and me) and always invites us to eat and drink with her.

7. Ruth likes to walk over to the community gardens and check on her vegetables.

8. Ruth likes to imagine herself blending seamlessly into her surroundings.

9. Ruth likes to cultivate rose cuttings in her own garden.

10. Ruth likes to sing and has recently acquired an autoharp.

Well, that was fun. Some of these things are true about me, some I wish were true, and some are most certainly not true! How well do you know me?


  1. Don’t you just love Google? I’ll have to play it myself.

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