Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 5, 2007

Happy Day

I know Saturday is supposed to be a happy day, for most people anyway, but this doesn’t always happen. So, I am quite pleased to announce that this time, I did experience a happy Saturday. First, I got ridiculously pleased this morning when I opened up my email to find the official “welcome to the tea swap” notice from one of the hostesses of that event. Silly happy, like, even mentioning to my DH how pleased I was. (I’m sure he was thrilled) Then, I answered the ding dong of the door bell to find that my sock blockers from Holly at had arrived. Wahoo! I got all three sizes as an early birthday present. I like that they are made of some kind of plastic material so that I can feel good about putting wet socks on them and not worry about warping.

Of course I had to try them out right away…..and therefore discovered something interesting and vaugely disturbing….While the foot measurements for each size blocker was right on with the lengths I associate with that size, the leg size may be off. I don’t necessarily mean that the blocker is off…I’m really more concerned that I’m off. For example, the blue and the burgundy Lilic socks are both supposed to be mediums. And, in fact, the foot of the sock fits the blocker quite well. The leg, on the other hand, is only stretched at all on the large blocker, and fits loosley on the medium blocker. Hmmm. Is it me? Is it the blocker? Or is that just “how things are”? Whatever….I’m just thrilled to have something nice to put my socks on to show them better in pictures than I have managed so far. With big, wide feet like mine, too often I have to go in search of a foot model for smaller socks, or sadly, just lay them out on the table to photograph. How boring!

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