Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 1, 2007

Hello SAM 4, Goodbye Sockapalooza 4

Well, depending on where you are right now, it’s either August 1, and the first day of SAM4, or August 2, and the last day of Sockapalooza 4.  Tomorrow (for me) I’ll be mailing out myPalloza pal’s socks and other goodies. I promise to take pictures as I pack. Then, I’ll be up and running with with SAM 4…I promise pictures for that, too. In just one more day, I’ll be hopping over to Knit 1, Tea 2 to get officially signed up for that swap. I’ve already copied and filled out the questionaire and can hardly wait for the match-ups to be made.  Frankly, this is all quite exciting for me. Sockapalooza was my first forray into the online knitting community and although it stressed me out some, I’m really glad I did it. I can’t blame my Socka pal, I’m sure I psyched myself out almost completly on my own. 🙂 I’ve made a few new friends by joining the swaps and KAL which is worth all the self-inflicted angst. Thanks, ladies. It’s been fun and I’m looking forward to more fun in the upcoming months. Now, I can hardly wait for my new socks to arrive!


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