Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 16, 2007

Santa Monica: There I went

Well, the knitting and I went off to Santa Monica for a few days. I didn’t take any pictures of the socks at the beach or on the promenade, ….because I left them in the apartment every time we left it! Since we were getting around on foot I couldn’t see loading myself down with stuff on our outings. Friday we had a nice lunch at Ye Olde Kings Heade, followed by a bit of shopping in their gift shop. Then, we crossed the road and got sucked into another English grocery/bakery/ gift shop/ tea room. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? (grin) Due to my step-mother’s advanced age, (80 something) and iffy health we didn’t spend too much time out and about. But we did stroll down to Palisades Park yesterday afternoon. Photos of that will have to do for now.
Santa Monica Pier Jean, July 07

I cast on both socks before I left for the airport, but made some sort of stupid mistake soon after the ribbing was finished on one, and so had the joy of of frogging and starting over. I’m making the Lilac socks by Jean Townsend in Burgundy Knit Picks Gloss. Another 6 rows on one, and they’ll both be ready for heel flaps. We’ll see if the dogs and the painter will allow for much knitting today. I can’t take them to class with me tonight as they take more attention than I can spare. I guess I’ll dig out the charity scarf for that.

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