Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 8, 2007

And Then There Was One

This post could just as easily be called, “and then there were two”.  Remember how I made some test socks, trying to find the perfect combo of yarn and pattern for my Socka Pal? I knit one each of a sock using Red Rover and the Fluted Banister pattern and a blue Gloss sock using the Lilac pattern. Well, now that the Dublin Bays are done, I thought I should take care of those orphans which were created early on. So Thursday, after giving myself a day off socks for good behavior, I cast on for the mate to the Fluted Banister sock. Tada! Tonight it is finished. I have to say say how much I love these socks. Love the yarn, the colorway, and the pattern. Easy to knit, but looks great. They’re not for me, but they fit me perfectly! I knit them with a very long foot to fit my step mother’s size 11 feet. However, because my feet are wider than hers, they also fit my size 9-9 1/2 extra wides just fine. Sigh, I wish they were mine. Oh well, hopefully she will love them just as much, and with my visit this week to Santa Monica, I will give them as an early birthday present.

red banister socks
Even though these socks have quite a long foot, I had plenty of yarn left over. I think I’ll be making a pair of little sockies with that in August for a little friends second birthday.
red rover left overs
So, “And then there was one” is beacause now I still have one orphan Lilac sock to knit. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow as to whether or not to begin right away. I have to get up early to be ready by 9:00 a.m. to drive son 4 back up to camp. After a long morning and early afternoon of driving, and a class scheduled for the evening, I may or may not feel up to tackling a new cast-on. I might just take another day off socks and work a few rows on the Stars and Hearts blankie.


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