Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 18, 2007


I really love the Sockapalooza knit plig. Know why? For starters, it gives me a chance to see what a wide variety of socks are being created for lucky knitters worldwide. I’ve also found  blog or two that I enjoyed enough to add to my Bloglines list. But I confess, it is because it makes clear to me the facts, so that I know I’m not the only one who is still struggling with their yarn and pattern choice for this big event. First I looked for patterns and knit a “test sock” using Lilac. One finished sock. 
Lilac 1
Then,I ordered LL Red Rover. Beautiful, but not right for my Pal. One finished sock from that yarn. Red Rover 1
After that, I grabbed some LL Envy at a semi-local store. Hmm…started a sock, not feeling the love, frogged it. Envy
Then, last week, on Tuesday I think, I ordered some LL Uptown from Simply socks. By Saturday it was in my hands, Uptown1
and soon after that was wound up and ready to knit. uptown2
One sock was cast on, knitted for several pattern repeats using the Handpainted Highights pattern from One Skein Wonders. A second sock was cast on and knit for an equal number of rows in the Gentlemen’s Shooting sock pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks. Sigh, now I need to decide which one to choose. I’ll be asking a knit friend or two which they like tomorrow. If I still can’t decide after that, I’ll be asking your advice. For now, I’ll ony show you pictures of the yarn.


  1. I din’t sign up for Sockapalooza, thinking I didn’t have time atm but I now realize I’ve missed an oppurtunity to double my sock yarn stsh very quickly, although I’m not sure Mark would go for that.

  2. Welcome to the world of the normal, obsessed sock knitter.
    I decided to go all out and designed a sock pattern. Then had to buy yarn because what I had was not going to work.
    And then had to buy yarn because what I bought didn’t have quite enough twist.
    My pal is picky, hope that yours is not!

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