Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 14, 2007


I find myself in a very unusual situation this summer. Childless. Empty nesting. A quite strange sensation and mental place after 23 years of being “mom”. Ever since my first son was born, I’ve known what my job/role was. I’m the MOM. ( around here that is frequently translated Mean Old Mother) For the last 11 years, being mom has included the role of Teacher, as I have been homeschooling during that time. I still knew my place and what was expected/required of me. As of Monday, I have no children at home. And, while this is tomporary, as my youngest, at 16, is coming back. He is off working for the summer at a Bible Camp/conference ground up in the hills about an hour and a half way. Last week I had two boys living here, now none. It’s a big change. I wonder how much knitting can fill time usually spent on other activites? I wonder if I’ll get used to scheduling my day with my own needs, and not around others? Choosing ALL the movies from Netflix for me?! Sounds good, yes? But wait, there’s a flip side. ALL the chores……The lawn still needs mown, the dogs fed, watered, walked, and cleaned up after, the trash taken out, the house cleaned……hmmm. Hurry home son!


  1. On the plus side, the house will probably stay cleaner, and there will be less cooking to do, less dishes to do, and less trash to take out. 🙂 Sounds like a vacation! Can’t wait to see what you knit! 🙂

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