Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 9, 2007

I Just Keep Trying

It’s really a good thing August is still a bit off in the distance. I have ruled out all of the yarns and patterns I thought I might use. I keep trying to find the “right” ones. I search the internet for colorways, I have a lovely new book of patterns,(Knitting Vintage Socks) I even bought some nice yarn yesterday, but I know nothing. I wanted to be able to touch and see the yarn in person, so yesterday I set off on a quest. I dragged Amy to Rumplestiltskin, in Sacramento, where I found one skein of a great colorway in Lorna’s Laces. One. It would take weeks and weeks for the shop to get another, which would be of a different dye-lot anyway. I bought two skeins of another colorway that Amy and the shopkeeper assured me will be fine. Really, it’s fine. Uh huh. How come I don’t feel so sure of that? By the way, I took the opportunity to enable Amy to buy her first Lorna’s Laces. They really had some lovely color choices available, just not the right ones for my Socka Pal. Or maybe it is, and now I’m paranoid. Off I go now to wind the balls of Envy, hoping all the while, that I will fall in love with it as it winds. Wish me luck!


  1. I think we are going to have to stage an perfectionism intervention!! I’m starting to think you are not enjoying this! Of course, your stash is benefiting greatly!

    I think the ENVY is WONDERFUL!! Quit second guessing yourself!!

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