Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 26, 2007

Progress, sort of….

In between this n that, over the last two days I’ve actually gotten a little knitting done. I pulled the Estonian lace out from the bottom of the bag, and added two pattern repeats. It’s not much, but at least it’s something. I also worked on the “trial” sock of Jeannie Townsend’s Lilac…..It’s maybe halfway down the foot, and it’s really very nice….nice to knit too…but, sigh, it’s not it. My Sock Pal has a preference for not so big holes in her lace socks, and I fear the holes in Lilac are bigger than I had hoped for. Lilac 1 Lilac 2
So, the search continues. I need a nice, not too holey pattern, which is not too complicated. I don’t need a beginner pattern, just nothing too tangy. I do consider it progress to have decided the search must continue. To have not knit, and not learned I need to keep looking, would be lack of progress. On the bright side, my sock yarn order from Simply Socks arrived. Wow, really fast service. I love the Lorna’s Laces in the new Red Rover coloway. Whatever the pattern, this is almost certainly the yarn. I also indulged myself, surely this is allowed? I bought a skein of Cherry Tree Hill, for research purposes, of course. I’ve never seen it in person anywhere, so I had to find out what it is like, right? I got a great deal on 4 oz. of burgundy, because it is a closeout of their 2006 colors. Interesting fact, this yarn is considered fingering weight, yet is noticeably thicker than the also fingering weight Lorna’s Laces, or my KnitPicks gloss. In it’s unstretched state, it is “thick” and the plies are very obvious. when I stretch it, it thins out a bunch and the plied look is much less obvious. I look forward to knitting it up and seeing what it looks like then!

As you check out my WIP photos of the Lilac sock, you will see how desperately I need either a sock blocker (but not a $20 or more one) or a foot form. I wonder if my friend The Vintage Fashionista has a spare foot/leg or knows where to acquire one?


  1. I think you’ll like the cherry tree hill yarn, I love those plies. For me is just as good as the lorna’s.

    I finally settled on a pattern for your socks and I’ll be casting on soon!

  2. Hee hee hee, spare feet or legs! Yes, I can suggest two places: Hangar’s Prosthetics on Main Street or Continental Fixtures (brand new store display feet and legs) or Nearly New (for used store displays) both in Sac. I haven’t tried Hangar’s, personally. Both Continental and Nearly New would both charge you an arm and a leg (for your foot or leg) and that I enthusiastically recommend Continental over Nearly. Glad you liked the Numa Numa videos! 🙂

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