Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 23, 2007

What is a blog?

Does blogging require pictures? This question has been on mind often lately, as I have post material, but frequently no photos to accompany the words. I have been getting some knitting done, but I haven’t been taking any pics. The only thing worth seeing right now is the practice sock, using the Lilac pattern.  No rows have been knit on the black lace for about a week, and the blanket doesn’t look different enough to bother photographing.  However, in an effort to keep the masses happy, I offer the following photo, almost guaranteed to make one person unhappy. I submit to you the “Amy knitting her Clapotis” picture. Clapotis
I took this a week ago, the Clapotis is bigger now.

Sigh, I went over to Amy’s to get in a little social knitting today between jobs, and when I arrived I discovered that my knitting bag did not make it into the car this morning! Horrors. What now? Two free hours and no knitting?! I begged Amy for some yarn and needles, and voila, a little red hat was soon under way. I hope Amy finishes it for her new nephew, or at least for charity.


  1. HI there,
    I got your Knitters Tea Swap inquiry through my blog–but there was no email addy. I hope I have the right person! Anyway, Round 3 of the swap is closed. The signups closed 24 hours after I opened it up! It’s a lot to handle 150+ swappers, so that’s why I don’t open up more slots. I appreciate your interest though–so please check the blog in the Fall for Round 4!

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