Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 21, 2007

8 Random things (about me)

Claire tagged me for this just before I left, so here it is.

1) I used to be a T.A. for dance classes in college.

2) I’m a tea lover and drink some nearly every day. (especilly if it’s a good day!)

3) I love to read. Literature, history, biography, sci-fi,…all of it.

4). I’m planning a trip to Maine in September, a first for me.

5). I teach and tutor High School level math. 🙂

6). I’m not the world’s greatest house keeper.

7). It’s been less than 3 years since I picked up the knitting needles after a multi-decade hiatus.

8). I have 4 sons, ages 23, 21, almost 19, and 16.

So, watch out WoodlandTAG gals, you’re about to be tagged!

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