Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 5, 2007

Share N Tell

On the FirstTuesday of each month someone brings their “stuff” to Knit Night for Share N Tell. I missed the first one, where Lauren brought her cool stuff, but I didn’t miss this month! Cindy had an awesome collection of knit, or knit-related items with her. She brought some cool tatting from long, long ago. (sometime still in school) tatting
She had a letter from the company, a check stub, and a pattern book with a pattern in it she had submitted while in high school. Can you believe that? Published a pattern in her teens. Way cool. Cindy also displayed several knitted sweaters, including a giant gansy knit for her hubby,cindys gansy
a crazy cabled baby sweater,crazy cables
and a few others, including the recently completed white cotton sweater with boat neck and interesting open features. But probably my personal favorite was the pair of leaf socks. cindys sock
These cool socks won a knit socks contest and were published in a book of winners, which she had with her. The best thing is, she thought the book was out of print, but it’s not, so we can all get a copy too.sock winners book

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