Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 22, 2007

Catching Up

Apparently April was not a good month for blogging….at least for me. I had too many other things going on to permit much knitting, writing, or photographing. At this point, I’ll hold off on photos of the Jaywalkers and tea cozy until they are finished. It won’t be that long, as the socks are complete past the gussets, and the cozy is almost 3/4 finished. Might as well show FOs as to take pictures now. The huge, secret project is…..totally changed. I no longer have the rush rush deadline to meet, so the thing is far more under control now. The plan had been to knit a shrug for my friend’s kid’s prom outfit. It had to be done by a ridiculously near deadline, and had to be nice enough to wear with the fancy red prom gown. So, black lace it was. You know, laceweight yarn kind of lace. (insert horrified emoticon here) I learned something very quickly upon starting this project. Laceweight yarn is bad enough for an old gal like me, BLACK laceweight is light years worse! I could hardly see it to knit with, and heaven help me if I made a mistake and needed to tink a row. It was enough to cause hyper-ventilation along with the eye-strain. The good news is, that as momma friend found and purchased elbow length gloves for her darling daughter, a shrug was no longer needed. So now the black laceweight merino/silk blend will become a lace scarf. Current plans are for the Estonian Garden pattern to be used. It’s a little intimidating, so wish me luck.

To make up for the lack of knitting pictures, I hearby submit to you two shots from the Tuesday Night Knitters group. As we usually meet at the library , we were invited to come upstairs and listen, while we knit, to a local poet read and explain his work. The first shot shows the poet, Fransisco Alarcon and some guests. The second shows the cool fireplace and photo in the library, along with one of the librarians and the poet again.
library 1library 2


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