Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 10, 2007


I’m, a bad blogger.  How many days has it been? Don’t you just hate it when a blogger goes sooo long without an entry? I know I do.

While I was away….the swift came! It works very well, thank you. The Jaywalkers both have finished cuffs and heel flaps, the green cozy is about 1/4 of the way along, and I started a very (and I mean very!) big project, which I’m not ready to tell you all about yet. You’re just gonna have to trust me, its a big deal. Like two trips to LYS big, and a visit to my knit guru big. And ohmygosh, what am I thinking?! big.

Hope you can wait for pictures, cause I just don’t have time right now to deal with that.



  1. Ooh, the suspense! 🙂 You ARE a good blogger! Can’t wait to find out what you are working on!

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