Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 23, 2007

Another winner!

This is sooo exciting! I’ve never held a contest on the blog before, so needless to say, this is our first winner. Not suprisingly, Amy correctly identified the reason for the Times listed on my world clock. Did you notice, though, how thoughtful she was to wait to see if anyone else knew before she chimed in? Good form, Amy. And, to the winner go the spoils, or in this case, I hope, the “goods”. Amy will have her choice of two skeins of striped Cascade fixation or two skeins of Regia plus cotton. Congrats Amy.
fixation Regia cotton


  1. Oh good – you noticed! 🙂

    Since I’ve used Cascade Fixation a few times – I’m up for trying the Regia! 🙂

    Fun! Now I’m wondering if I could do a game like this on my site! I’ll have to think about it.

    Sorry I beat you Lauren!!

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