Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 21, 2007

And, it’s a ……tea cozy!

Okay, so I finally decided on my new project.  It’s the tea cozy from One Skein Wonders. I still want to make the Jaywalkers, but that will have to wait for a bit. The Lorna’s Laces need to be wound into a center pull ball, and right now I have no one to help out with the task. I drafted my dh to help wind the Cascade 220 for the tea cozy, and, well, let’s just say that didn’t go well….really. Either it was a bad skein of yarn or there was some trouble with the method used for winding…..Amy and I have wound several skeins, at least six, and Ashley wound one also, and up until the 220 there were no yarn problems. This leads me to suspect that the “stripped” section and the break in the yarn were due to “user error” and not bad yarn. I won’t risk my Laces, so until a swift (ordered today from Knitter’s Playground) arrives or until Amy and I can get together, no new socks on the needles!

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