Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 17, 2007

Banner Week

This was definately a banner week for my knitting. Three FO’s in one week! Friday late saw the completion of the “big” baby sweater and today I finished the ribbed baby hat started last Friday. I had cast it on to knit at a conference I went to in San Fransisco, and mostly never touched it again till today, when, you guessed, it was at another conference. This one was much closer to home, being held at my local church. Conferences make for some good, mindless knitting. Hours of speakers who are quite interesting, but sitting and sitting with nothing else to do is hard on the body. Knitting lets me keep my ears tuned to the speakers, not focused on which parts of my body are protesting all that sitting.

So, now I’m back to “what next”? I think I want to wind the Lorna’s Laces and get my first pair of Jaywalkers going…..but I also want to start a tea cozy from the One Skein book. I also bought some yarn to make a baby cardigan set… many choices. Stay tuned for pictures and answers to “life’s persistant questions”.

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