Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 11, 2007


Time is a strange thing. It flies when you’re having fun, and drags when you’re not….or so “they” say. If this is true then why do my days fly by so quickly when I am working, leaving so little time for knitting? Hmmm… a question which needs a better philosopher than myself to answer it. In any event, the limited knitting time has produced some things of note.

1.  The second red ribbed merino hat was completed this week.

2. The Dancing socks are well along on the feet.

3. Friday evening saw a Baby Boy 5-hour sweater cast on, which now has an almost completed yoke.
Feb 10 work

I find it interesting how there are so many patterns out there for the 5-hour baby sweater, but not one of them offers size options. My friend and computer guru, who has already knit 2 of these sweaters wants to make a larger one. While it’s true we can do the math to enlarge it, it would be sooo much easier if someone else had beaten us to it! Then we wouldn’t have the trial and error aspect of trying to figure out how much to increase stitches cast on, knitting length, etc., for a sweater of hopefully size 6 months, or 12 months, or whatever. I must remember to tell Amy to write it down, and post it when she completes this project. Surely many will bless her for doing so!

In non-knitting related news, I made a hooded baby towel today for the shower I will be attending tomorrow.  The towel had two big advantages over a hand-knit baby gift. First, it only took me 1 hour from start to finish. Second, it will “fit” for years and years and be able to be used in all seasons. Last, but not least, the towel looks like it took some real skill to create, which can’t be all bad for my image. 🙂

baby towelI Love You

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