Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 5, 2007

Hardly The Next Day

Ah….finally some photos. Sorry it took so long to update since the last post. I just hate it when life and work and other “unimportant” things get in the way of my knitting and blogging! Super Sunday was super because it finally gave me the opportunity to complete the heels and gussets on the Dancing socks. It was quite a marathon, probably about 4 hours of dedicated knitting, but well worth the effort. Now that the tricksy parts are done I can work on the socks even when my brain is not fully engaged. Going round and round in stockingnet requires very little concentration, so I expect to finish these up soon….which might lead to casting on the delicious Lorna’s Laces. I shouldn’t, I know…I really should cast on with the Gloss in the pumpkin colorway since those socks are planned for a March birthday gift. The gloss is already wound into balls and the Laces aren’t, which is more reason to behave and knit according to plan. Sigh. Being good can be sooo hard some days.

Two Sweet ThingsDancing Sock 1Ball Winder

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