Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 23, 2007

Ta Da!

I’ve been busy since my last post. Busy knitting and not knitting. I have two new FO’s to report. The Lace Cap was completed Monday morning. 45 minutes in a waiting room can be a good thing. I also completed a ribbed baby hat from the the lucious red Madil MerinoMix. The Dancing socks are coming along although they have seen less knitting the last few days than I would like.

Today I did something I haven’t done in months…..I cast on a dish cloth! Using hot blue Peaches N Cream and size 6 straight needles, a lighthouse is under way. The red scarf project scarf was also finished up, just the weaving in was left, and packed up all nice and pretty for shipping. Tomorrow, if the planets align correctly, I will post pics of all the FO’s. For now, its off to bed to avoid the dreaded KUIE. KUIE is the proper acronym for Knitting Under the Influence of Exhaustion. Sheesh, like knitting starts with an “N”!!

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