Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 17, 2007

A Meme

10 Things I love about….the letter “N”

1. Novels….I love to read, not just novels but also histories, biographies, and “great ” literature of most descriptions.

2. Needles….knitting are my favorite at the moment, but sewing needles will do as well.

3. Numbers….it’s why I teach math. Numbers are so logical and predictable, quite the opposite of people.

4. New places….I love to travel and see the state, the country, heck, the world!

5. Nature….why do folks always seem to want one to choose between the mountains and the sea shore, or the forests and the meadows? It is all God’s creation and all great.

6. New life….babies of any species are adorable.

7. Nutella….one of life’s little pleasures. Great with tea and shortbread cookies.

8. NBA basketball….really, I get up for a good game..

9. New life in Christ….it makes my life worth living.

10. Networks….groups of family, friends, and folks who are in some way connected; this is usually a good thing.

I sure hope it wasn’t cheating to use “new” more than once!


  1. You did a good job!! I’m off to check out my coffee and city results!

  2. OOh. I ate so much nutella on toast last week. Haven’t tried it on shortbread…yum!

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