Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 2, 2007

Finally, a blog

Well, tada! I finally caved in to the pressure to write a knitting blog. If I can get this figured out, I will try to keep posted what is on the needles, what is finished, and what the future hold. Pictures, too, as long as the technology doesn’t drive me nutty. ( a short trip, I know)

Today, I am proud to report the first FO of 2007. ONe pair of socks, for me, of all people. Knit in Regia Strato Color on size 1 Knit Picks needles using Magic Loop method.

On the needles, the One Skein Scarf, from One Skein Wonders, knit in Patons Classic Wool, Regency colorway. I love it. Thanks to Amy for the book. Pics when I can manage it.


  1. You did it!!! Play around when you have time – they make it very simple, however, it is a new language so give yourself time. Drop me a note if you need help!!

  2. Welcome to blogging! I am a friend of Amy’s. When you get a chance it would be fun to see what your socks look like!

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